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Toy Slings

Toy sling in action

Kid-size slings encourage a sense of nurturing. Noonee Wilga Kid-size toy slings feature:

  • Lovely fabric choices
  • Fully lined in complementary colours
  • Gently elasticised at the front and back to keep contents secure
  • Ideal capacity - fits most dolls and soft toys comfortably
  • One-size fits most (specifically 2-6 years)
  • SAFE snap fastening system. EASY to fasten and undo

Other uses include a carrier for treasures found at the beach and on nature walks.

These images show in stock Noonee Wilga Kid-size toy slings - several others also ready to ship... If you would like a different colour combination of fabrics for your toy sling, please email me and I can make one specially for your child. Note that these make wonderful gifts for the older sibling of a newborn sling-carried baby.

Navy blue dots on the outside with rich navy lining.

Price: $20

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