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colourful stash of Noonee Wilga cloth pads

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Washable cloth pads: menstrual, post partum and mild incontinence use

New to cloth? I recommend trying a variety of lengths and fabrics to figure out what works for you and what you like. Grab a trial pack. Or select individual pads based on the pad lengths that you already use.

More details!

So you'd like to try out cloth pads and have been doing some research - but the variety of styles, lengths, absorbency, waterproofing, fabrics and everything is sooo confusing!!

First - what sort of fabric would you prefer to wear against your body?

I have a range of different colours of fabrics, so let me know your favourites and I will try to make up your liners and pads accordingly. If you would like to choose your own tops and backs for the pads, have a look at all the fabric choices here. Warning - this can be a bit overwhelming!!

Had problems with other brands of cloth pads? Follow these tips for success:

* 1:  wear snug, not stretched out briefs/bikini-style underwear. Boyleg and shorts style undies are more difficult to keep a pad in place.

* 2:, select pads that are a suitable crotch width. 6-7cm is good. If the snapped width of the pads you currently have is wider than this, try safety pinning them tighter.

* 3: try longer pads such as 25cm rather than very short - I have a customer who prefers 33cm liners as she finds that they are more comfortable for her. Take advantage of my customisable options.

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